Posted on: May 3, 2009 7:41 pm

My fantasy team came so close...

Actually, I like Sean O'Hair to see him win the way he did was exciting. I had Glover(T2), Tiger(4), Phil(T5), Mahan(T22), and Marino(T38) on my fantasy team. I'm at the top in my group for now. So what happened out there today? Glover should have won this thing, and Tiger had so many chances to win and did't. Oh Phil needs to play golf and learn when to be cute, he had many chances to win also. Phil has talent, and a great short game.
So what happened? I know what happened, my guys did not play as well as Sean did!!! Congrats to Sean on his win, I'll keep an eye on Sean, and use him in my line up, in the future.

I love this game...

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